Life of a Hairstylist

It never ceases to amaze me how our business has turned into a joke of epic proportions. Everyday people have become “experts” at chemical services, and demand to speak to someone in “authority” because their over processed hair can’t be done without severe repercussions.

There are reasons to say NO to ANOTHER chemical service that our license can be revoked for. If your hair is in a weakened state from previous processing , and we do another service anyway? Our license is up for grabs.. Yes the State Board of Cosmetology has the right to suspend our license for knowingly causing harm or unnecessary damage. If we continue to do so? That license WILL be revoked..

So listen closely all you Varuca Salt’s of the world: “I want it NOW” is not an option.. So stop with the “know-it-all” crap you serve up because your bratty, self entitled, self important rantings are getting ridiculous.


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