Why do I get so aggravated by the Social Media liars and their rantings on everything from “Organic” to “Spying”? It makes me want to delete my entire social media to see bunches of lemmings blindly screeching that “McDonald’s is serving up human child parts!” Or “Starbucks is using caramel color #4 WE’RE ALL GONNA DIEEEE!” My favorite? “Facebook is using messenger to SPY ON YOU!!” Really.. Really… If people are honestly this stupid? How do they drive? How do they eat? And for the LOVE OF GOD why are they BREEDING!!??

It scares me how stupid people have become. They “believe” without a single piece of their own research. Just blindly saying “Do you think so? Is it possible?” NOOOOOO.. No it isn’t.. McDonald’s serving up human children and not one news report? Is it even necessary to research that? Human meat and not one news report or anyone going to jail.. Not one.. But “Hey! McDonald’s sucks! So it MUST BE TRUE!!”..

How does someone this stupid breathe without directions!?
See!? Just blogging it makes me crazy.. Must stop.. I’m in a digression shame spiral.


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